The transformational platform of Presiding Bishop Joseph W. Walker III, as Full Gospel Baptist changes the paradigm of Faith, Family, Finance and Fitness in our culture.

  • faith

    We will preserve our identity and values relative to fellowship

    We will manifest our faith in the world and implement it each day

    We will live with the understanding that faith without good works dies on the vine







  • family

    We will establish supportive resources for single mothers and fathers, and for families in crisis

    We will recognize and address attacks on families even as we work to protect them

    We will prioritize preserving the family structure and end destruction of our families






  • fitness

    We will launch ChurchFit nationally as a proven concept to address health issues impacting

    We will develop a toolkit for other congregations to implement ChurchFit

    We will provide educational materials to all our congregations that teach the importance of caring for the body God gave you and staying healthy





  • finance

    We will have informed discussions on creating economic justice in our communities

    We will develop community partnerships to encourage financial literacy

    We will empower pastors and leaders to advise and help members maintain financial solvency

    We will learn how to effectively create and share wealth in our communities so that whole neighborhoods can be lifted up out of poverty