Traits of a Full Gospel Baptist Church

traitsThe Breadth, Depth and Reach of the Body of Christ A Full Gospel Baptist Church (FGBC) is a church that wholly embraces the breadth of God's love for mankind. We embody the fullness of the Christian experience in service and in spirit. This experience includes our active representation of the heart of Christ by carrying out His will in making disciples, domestic and international missions, and fostering an environment of unity and commitment to His causes.

The Power of the Word and Empowerment of the Local Church

Theologically a FGBC believes in the eternal power of Calvary and the potential power of Pentecost; the baptizing power of Jesus Christ for salvation because of Calvary; and the filling/controlling power of the Holy Ghost for service and Holy victorious living because of Pentecost. We are autonomous in our belief that the local church operates under the Lordship of Christ through pastoral authority in terms of government, polity and operations.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

As a FGBC, we flow in the gifts of the Spirit and provide an atmosphere in which the Glory of God may be made manifest. Through the present-day working of the Holy Spirit, we anticipate to witness the power and presence of God evidenced by the repentant soul, healing of the sick, and empowerment and encouragement of the Believer.

The Worship Experience

The worship experience exudes with faith, hope and liberty. Its flavor is an open expression of intentional praise and worship as a corporate acknowledgement of the existence, work and power of an Almighty God that extends beyond the boundaries of culture and class.